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ASP CRM Scaled to any size Company
What are experts saying around
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"We chose the entellium way because of the speed of implementation and low service costs. They also impressed us with their service and vision to deliver 'real' business solutions at reasonable prices without the risks other IT providers all have."
- John Sturgess
  Managing Director

"entellium offers a prime example of the sort of 'pure play' ASP that gets maximum benefit from using our architecture.  We look forward to working with them to pave the way for SME's to be appropriately eCommerce enabled as they take on the challenges of doing business in the surge economy."
- Tom Burns, Director
  Asia Pacific Internet Solutions Group,   Intel Corp.

" KPMG and entellium will jointly develop and market a number of ASP services for SME's in Malaysia and eventually across Asia. In addition to this, KPMG will advise entellium on a series of best practices for managing security and operations in the ASP delivery model."
- Woon Tai Hai, Director
  KPMG Consulting Asia

Return on Investment - ROI

zCRM is 10% of the Total Cost of Ownership of similar traditional solutions.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?In the case of zCRM's customers Return on Investment or ROI is the total net return to their business after deducting the costs, or investment required to achieve the return. For example, the ROI for one of our customers was a total saving of more than USD1.2m over a three-year period. Put simply after deducting the cost of buying our services, they saved approximately USD400, 000 in operating costs per annum.

Who cares about ROI?

In today's economy company executives are demanding more accountability for the total cost of their IT solutions. Increasingly executives are less likely to sign-off on IT projects without first carefully assessing the return they are likely to get for their investment. It's true that most businesses have got by without really evaluating their return on IT investments, but this attitude is now being challenged - smart buyers are now looking very closely at the ROI before committing to new projects.

How do I measure ROI?

One of they key elements to look at when calculating ROI is to first understand what is the total cost of owning an IT solution, or what is called the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The TCO reflects the total expense involved in purchasing, deploying, and maintaining an enterprise IT solution and it is very important to know this before you can start to calculate the ROI you will receive when investing in new solutions.

What are the components involved in determining TCO for a typical enterprise application?

How does zCRM help reduce the TCO of a CRM solution?
Customers that implement zCRM's on-line CRM solutions benefit greatly because there is no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain or upgrade. This equates to savings of greater than 90% of similar enterprise solutions.

Total Cost of Ownership
Solution Type
Traditional Vendor
Customer Install
zCRM Way
Web Service
Number of Users
Software Licenses
Hardware/IT Infrastructure Costs
$           -
Implementation Costs
Customization Fees
$           -
Training Costs
$           -
IT Pesonnel Support
$           -
Support/Upgrade Costs
$           -
Total Costs ($)
Costs (%)
zCRM Total Cost of Ownership Guide  

How else does zCRM increase my Return on Investment?

Saving more than 90% of the total cost of owning enterprise solutions is a compelling reason to partner with zCRM, but it's an incomplete measurement alone. We also deliver strategic value by increasing your sales effectiveness and providing you the tools to delivery superior service to your customers. By doing business the zCRM way you're likely to increase revenue, spot new customer opportunities faster, and save significant management time by providing, in 'real-time', the visibility management needs to make timely and informed decisions.

Total Cost of Ownership Guide

Number of Users
Number of Users Both examples assume a total of 50 users.

Software Licenses
Traditional enterprise CRM vendors include Onyx, Oracle, Pivotal, SalesLogix, Siebel etc. Industry surveys suggest the average software license cost per user of about USD1500 per seat.

zCRM's CRM suite is an average of USD600/user per annum

Hardware/IT Infrastructure Costs
This covers the costs of components such as database, 3 servers, back-up, remote dial-up capability, firewall, and security for both the traditional vendor and zCRM.

Implementation Costs
For the traditional vendor this includes the cost of installing the hardware and software for the solution in one location. It assumes 3 resources on a daily charge rate of USD800/day.

The zCRM charge will only be incurred if the customer requests additional assistance during the installation process. With zCRM there is not installation, so this fee is normally applied to customization charges.

Customization Fees
For the traditional vendor this assumes 2 resources on a daily charge rate of USD600/day.

With zCRM the customer can customize the solution without our assistance. If we are asked to help we typically include this cost in the implementation fees for the system.

Training Costs
For the traditional vendor this assumes a dedicated resource on a daily rate of USD600/day.

zCRM's monthly fee includes all training costs.

IT Support Personnel
For the traditional vendor we assume the customer will need to dedicate 1.5 full-time IT personnel to support 50 users of an enterprise solution. Typical support includes maintaining customization, upgrades, and technical/help-desk support. We are assuming the annual salary of support personnel is USD60k per annum including benefits.

zCRM's monthly fees includes all support costs.

Support/Upgrade Costs
Here we assume that a customer will spend an average of 20% of the total cost of the software licenses and hardware infrastructure over a 3-year period. This includes annual software and hardware maintenance and is included to cover the expense of incremental upgrades, potential changes to hardware configurations as a result of upgrades and other normal costs typically associated with the running and continuous enhancement of an enterprise application.

zCRM's monthly fee includes all costs for upgrades and new features.

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