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ASP CRM Scaled to any size Company
What are experts saying around
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"We chose the entellium way because of the speed of implementation and low service costs. They also impressed us with their service and vision to deliver 'real' business solutions at reasonable prices without the risks other IT providers all have."
- John Sturgess
  Managing Director

"entellium offers a prime example of the sort of 'pure play' ASP that gets maximum benefit from using our architecture.  We look forward to working with them to pave the way for SME's to be appropriately eCommerce enabled as they take on the challenges of doing business in the surge economy."
- Tom Burns, Director
  Asia Pacific Internet Solutions Group,   Intel Corp.

" KPMG and entellium will jointly develop and market a number of ASP services for SME's in Malaysia and eventually across Asia. In addition to this, KPMG will advise entellium on a series of best practices for managing security and operations in the ASP delivery model."
- Woon Tai Hai, Director
  KPMG Consulting Asia
Project Management integrated into your CRM

eProject is a flexible and powerful tool, designed to help you manage a comprehensive range of projects. eProject allows workers at all levels of the organization to view up-to-date project information and to interact with the project planner by providing input to the schedule and the project plan in what is called "bottom-up" scheduling.  eProject makes it possible and simple for project managers and team members to participate in, or manage multiple projects, with a single view of all related tasks, activities and documents.  [Show Me More]

Benefits of eProject

  • Collaborative Planning - involves all levels of the organization, your customers and partners in project planning and tracking.
  • Multi-project management - makes it possible, from a single workspace, to manage a portfolio of projects simultaneously.
  • Instant tracking of project tasks, activities and resources in real-time from anywhere.
  • Better forecasting and cost control to maximize project profitability.

Store builder and eCommerce integration with your CRM

eStore provides you with easy-to-use and affordable tools and services to help you build an online store for your business. You can create a full-featured, customizable, e-commerce website in just a few hours.

In an instant you can manage your online store, create an online catalog with advanced online selling features, set shipping rates and take advantage of real-time credit-card processing using any Web browser and with no programming required. 
[Show Me More]

Benefits of eStore

  • Create an online store easily with no programming required.
  • Accept and handle credit card orders.
  • Enables a "self-service" environment.
  • Lowers the cost of providing of service and support.
  • Offers global access to customers.

Collaborate between all departments, channels and networks

eCollaborate is an easy-to-use communication and collaboration tool that maximizes productivity by simplifying the information-sharing process and improving communication between departments, remote offices, mobile workers, customers and partners. Users can post, share and edit all types of documents as well as build discussion threads, post team messages, share contacts, schedule events and chat to each other on line from a Web Browser.

The benefits of efficient information sharing process and better communication amongst team members or customers and partners are substantial:

  • Access to the most current information anytime from anywhere means less time is spent managing information and more time is spent acting on the information.
  • By extending the level interaction between staff, customers and partners develop a closer working relationship to share ideas and work together to resolve problems or issues.
  • No more lost documents, or having to remember different versions or editions of documents - everything is current and on-line.
  • Reduce the processing and approval time for publishing key documents or information - results in substantial bottom-line benefits.
  • A secure and centralized document repository means valuable corporate information is protected from accidental loss, damage or unauthorized access or removal. Key company information stays within the company leading to better continuity and future knowledge sharing. [Show Me More]

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