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What are experts saying around
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"We chose the entellium way because of the speed of implementation and low service costs. They also impressed us with their service and vision to deliver 'real' business solutions at reasonable prices without the risks other IT providers all have."
- John Sturgess
  Managing Director

"entellium offers a prime example of the sort of 'pure play' ASP that gets maximum benefit from using our architecture.  We look forward to working with them to pave the way for SME's to be appropriately eCommerce enabled as they take on the challenges of doing business in the surge economy."
- Tom Burns, Director
  Asia Pacific Internet Solutions Group,   Intel Corp.

" KPMG and entellium will jointly develop and market a number of ASP services for SME's in Malaysia and eventually across Asia. In addition to this, KPMG will advise entellium on a series of best practices for managing security and operations in the ASP delivery model."
- Woon Tai Hai, Director
  KPMG Consulting Asia

Frequently asked zCRM e-Services questions

Q: How do I start subscribing?

A: Subscribing to zCRM services is very simple. Call our U.S. based team at 1-877-218-5595. A zCRM consultant will assist you and confirm whether or not we have the solutions you need. Once this is confirmed, we will provide a demonstration tailored to your requirements, a proposal to outline the services to be provided along with a document called a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This document will detail the type of services zCRM will provide and our guarantees for availability, performance and support response times.

Q: How competitive is zCRM's pricing?

A: zCRM is probably the most cost-effective application service provider in Asia. Many of our application services are priced at below USD40 per user per month. In most cases, giving 20 or so people access to our services can cost less than your photocopier costs you each month! Compared to the traditional approach of owning your own e-business applications, zCRM's total cost of ownership is probably 90% less expensive.

Q: How fast can your application services be implemented?

A: All our application services can be implemented within hours. Our applications are ready for use the moment we complete your registration and SLA execution. Each subscriber will be e-mailed user ID's, passwords and an Internet address to click on to start work. It really is that simple.  Training is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, and is delivered utilizing our real-time Web Conferencing, Net Meeting and Collaboration technologies.

Q: How do I know if the application service I have chosen has all the functionality I need?

A:  After an overview demonstration, you can try all our application services before you subscribe. Our consultants will also help you evaluate the applications before you subscribe.

Q: How experienced is zCRM at providing such application services?

A: We've been delivering high quality services to some of Asia's largest companies and government bodies for the past three years. We have more than 3,000 licensed users across Asia who depend on us every day for reliable software and excellent support. Our team of experts is not new to the Internet and we have the necessary systems and skills to support your business now and in the future. Our clients currently include Merrill Lynch, the Government of Malaysia, and American International Assurance.

Q: How do I customize my chosen application service?

A: zCRM's application services are simple to use and each one is specifically designed to solve a particular business problem. Consequently we expect limited customization. However, if any is required, it will probably be a simple change in configuration to allow internal business rules, such as authorization limits. For 'power' users we provide all the tools you need to customize your application including changing business rules, the look & feel of the services and even the database fields you use to describe information. All in all a comprehensive ability for you to customize the service as you need it.

Q: How do I add new application services to those I already use?

A: This is also a straightforward process. You can call our customer service hotline or e-mail us. Once your request has been implemented, we'll let you know and you'll be ready to 'go-live' with the NEW application services.

Q: How do I add more users?

A: You can call our customer service hotline or e-mail us. We'll update our systems based on your service level subscription upgrade, and let you know when your request has been fulfilled. Requests to add new users will again be implemented within hours.

Q: What happens if for some reason I can't access my application services? Will you charge me for non-performance days?

A: Our service commitment is typically 98.9% availability - no more than 20 minutes downtime per week. However, if for some unforeseen reason we are unable to deliver on this commitment we won't charge you for the days you can't access our services.

Q: What industry areas do you specialize in?

A: zCRM's application services are purposely designed to fit into broad areas that are applicable to all industries. Our focus at the moment is delivering relevant and affordable solutions for automating key sales, marketing, and customer service processes. We are currently adding eProject Management, eExpense, and eShop to our services.

Q: What makes zCRM the market leader in providing application services?

A: There are many reasons. To select two, firstly would be our commitment to quality of service and secondly our range of application services. We're the only ASP in Asia committed to "customer friendly" Service Level Agreements (SLA), and we already have one of the most sophisticated technical support systems available in Asia. Our broad range of application services (which we will add to every 90 days), means we can provide a complete business solution ranging from better information access and collaboration, to building an online sales and marketing system.

Q: Is there an actual contract to sign?

A: Yes, we call it a Service Level Agreement, or SLA. This is customized in collaboration with you to ensure that both sides understand exactly what services are required, and the corresponding obligations on each side. The SLA is a clear and positive documented statement of our commitment and will help you understand our business processes better. Contractual obligations and penalty clauses back up the SLA where appropriate.

Q: How fast is your response time for troubleshooting a problem?

A: We expect to receive support requests via phone and e-mail. With phone calls, a solution will be provided immediately whenever possible. If not, we will endeavor to resolve the issue within four working hours. E-mail requests will be dealt with in the same way, although they may require further clarification on the phone.

Q: Will you come to our office if we have a problem that can't be fixed over the phone?

A: A key benefit of being an zCRM subscriber is that you don't need to install any software at your office. So it is highly unlikely that we'll need to visit you to fix a problem. However, if this proves necessary, we'll respond as soon as possible.

Q: What sort of technical expertise do you have?

A: The zCRM team has more than 100 man-years of experience in providing IT solutions. We're also one of very few Asian businesses with a dedicated research and development team.

Q: Are you willing to transfer your knowledge & skills?

A: Yes. In fact, we intend to provide an Internet Forum for our customers to share ideas with one another, or to "pick the brains" of our experts. We also intend to be the first ASP to let our customers gain access to the software codes that make our applications work so as to encourage an open application services offering.

Q: What sort of security do you provide?

A: Security is of paramount importance to zCRM and is achieved at multiple levels. We limit the number of people who have access to information, we control the kind of access they have and the type of information available to them, and we ensure that they ask for permission to do certain things when they are on-line. In addition to protection from unauthorized access, we also encrypt information traveling over the Internet using the latest encryption technology currently being used by large corporations and government departments. There's a good chance that your data is safer with us than it would be otherwise.

Q: Does zCRM have a global presence?

A: This is in process.  We are launching in the USA and North America markets in January 2003.  We are committed to growing our presence within the next 18 months worldwide. However, our support systems and application services can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world because they are all Internet-based. If you have a global need, we'd be happy to discuss this with you as we have a number of international partners who may be able to help.

Q: Do you have a local presence in my country?

A: At the moment zCRM operates very successfully out of Malaysia and Thailand.  In January 2003, we will also have headquarters and data centers in Seattle, Washington in the U.S.  From Malaysia, we already support more than 50 customers in 6 different countries in Asia. We plan to open other offices across Asia within the next 18 months to provide a local capability in Asia's largest cities. All of our support systems and people can be accessed from outside Malaysia, and we operate a sophisticated web-based tracking system that can provide comprehensive traffic statistics.

Q: Is zCRM tied to any particular technology vendor?

A: By delivering application services via the Internet it becomes less important what technology is being used to make it happen, and that is one of the greatest benefits of the Internet.

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